There is no doubt that pre-made vegetables have become a more and more popular product in the consumer market and the capital market, but the overall development path of the industry still seems to be hindered and long.
In the rapid changes of the times, "standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly" is becoming a major trend. So, can pre-made dishes that fit the fast-paced life really take off like the development trend in recent years? In the context of the rise of the construction of prefabricated vegetable industrial parks across the country, we should see that prefabricated vegetables are facing many challenges in the rapid development, and it is necessary to accelerate the improvement of shortcomings and promote development. Recently, more than 20 units including the Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee jointly drafted and released the "Quality Evaluation Specification for Prefabricated Vegetables". Can it become a new fulcrum for industrial development?

The existence of pre-made dishes, to a large extent, solves the potential danger of "fried kitchens" for people who can't cook, and also provides a convenient and warm way for busy migrant workers to eat. In recent years, especially when people's consumption level has improved and consumption concepts have changed, and in the context of great changes in the processing technology and processing environment of pre-made vegetables, people's acceptance and recognition of pre-made dishes have occurred subtly. Earth-shaking changes have taken place, so we can also see that pre-made dishes have rapidly gained momentum in recent years.

According to relevant data, by 2021, the size of my country's prefabricated vegetable market has grown to nearly 350 billion yuan. With reference to the current market performance of prefabricated vegetables, it is expected that this industry will maintain a high growth rate of more than 20% in the next few years, and the product market penetration rate may increase to about 15% to 20%. A high-quality track with a level of 100 million has become a new blue ocean market.

The good side of the prefabricated food industry is obvious to all, but it is difficult for people to turn a blind eye to the defects and drawbacks in the current development. In February this year, the Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee released the "Consumption Survey Report on Prefabricated Vegetables". Consumers who did not purchase prefabricated vegetables mainly considered that the price of prefabricated vegetables was relatively expensive and the cost performance was low, and they had concerns about the shelf life of prefabricated vegetables and the addition of preservatives. Concerns, I feel that the taste of pre-made dishes is not as delicious as the freshly cooked ones. At the same time, according to the data from the Jiangsu Consumer Network Public Opinion Monitoring System in January this year, there was a lot of negative news about the quality, price, and false propaganda of pre-prepared vegetables.

In the final analysis, the development of an industry is inseparable from the guidance of standardization. In this regard, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee and the Jiangsu Provincial Catering Industry Association jointly proposed the "Quality Evaluation Specification for Prefabricated Dishes" group standard, and cooperated with the leading agricultural industrialization in Jiangsu Province. More than 20 units including the Enterprise Association and the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly completed the drafting of the standard. According to reports, the "Specifications" make clear requirements for the raw materials, processing, packaging, labeling, storage and distribution, reduction degree and food safety indicators of pre-made dishes. In response to problems such as uneven labeling of product information, damaged packaging, and product deterioration that are widely criticized for pre-prepared vegetables, the Specification also clarifies the information on labels, storage temperature of pre-prepared vegetables, and distribution temperature.

There is no doubt that pre-made vegetables have become more and more popular products in the consumer market and capital market, but overall, the road to industrial development still seems to be obstructed and long. With the release of the "Specifications for the Quality Evaluation of Prefabricated Vegetables", we look forward to seeing it can provide a standard reference for the production of prefabricated dishes and promote the healthy, orderly and safe development of the industry.

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