Restricting the excessive packaging of edible agricultural products has become an urgent problem to be solved. At present, there is no special standard for restricting the excessive packaging of edible agricultural products in China, which cannot provide an effective basis for actual supervision.
In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the development of the e-commerce logistics industry, some characteristic agricultural products have finally been able to go out of the fields and into the hands of consumers. While improving the quality of agricultural products, enterprises actively improve the packaging of agricultural products. It plays an important role in increasing the sales of agricultural products.

But there is the problem of excessive packaging. A box of 24 strawberries is wrapped in three layers of aluminum film insulation bags, foam boxes , plastic seals, hardcover cartons, vacuum-locked fresh bags, and sponge openings. Pads and plastic trays are grandly transformed into "luxury gift boxes". It is undeniable that some packaging does play a role in preventing damage and deterioration of agricultural products during transportation, but such excessive packaging not only wastes resources and pollutes the environment, but also leads to inflated prices of agricultural products and damages the interests of consumers.

Restricting the excessive packaging of edible agricultural products has become an urgent problem to be solved. At present, there is no special standard for restricting the excessive packaging of edible agricultural products in my country, which cannot provide an effective basis for actual supervision. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs proposed the national standard plan "Restricting the Excessive Packaging of Commodities and Requires Edible Agricultural Products", which was organized by the Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Jiangnan University, the Agricultural Products Processing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Agricultural Products Quality Safety and Nutrition Research Institute of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Drafted and publicized on May 30.

The scope of the standard includes the packaging of edible agricultural products. The scope of edible agricultural products is defined in accordance with Article 2 of the Food Safety Law and Article 57 of the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Market Sales of Edible Agricultural Products. Edible agricultural products refer to primary products for human consumption obtained in agricultural activities, including plants and animals. , microorganisms and their products.

Agricultural activities refer to traditional agricultural activities such as planting, breeding, picking, and fishing, as well as modern agricultural activities such as facility agriculture and bioengineering. Plants, animals, microorganisms and their products refer to those obtained directly in agricultural activities and processed through sorting, peeling, shelling, drying, crushing, washing, cutting, freezing, waxing, grading, packaging, etc., but not Products that alter their basic natural and chemical properties. For the specific classification of edible agricultural products, please refer to the Classification and Code of Agricultural Products (NY/T 3177).

Main technical content

(1) Restriction on the number of packaging layers

In order to increase commodity prices, some agricultural products have been excessively protected and packaged, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution, which is embodied in the number of packaging layers. In addition, as more and more agricultural products are transported through network logistics, the number of packaging layers of some agricultural products shows an increasing trend. Different agricultural products have different requirements for protection during transportation, and the number of layers required is also inconsistent, so different types of agricultural products need to be further restricted.

(2) Limitation of void ratio of agricultural product packaging

The void ratio of the packaging can effectively reflect the utilization rate of the space in the packaging of agricultural products, and can be used as an important basis for distinguishing whether the packaging is excessive. Therefore, the maximum package void ratio required for different weights of produce should be defined. In order to balance the different shapes and densities of various agricultural products, the necessary spatial coefficients for various agricultural products are revised.

(3) Regulations on the proportion of packaging costs

The proportion of product packaging costs is a major issue related to whether agricultural product packaging and processing enterprises can provide more high-quality and low-cost packaging for the society and improve economic benefits. In order to attract attention, some agricultural products increase the packaging cost without limit, resulting in inflated prices, harming the interests of consumers, disrupting the market order, and not meeting the requirements of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. The prices of different agricultural products vary greatly, and it is necessary to further limit the packaging costs of various agricultural products.

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